Project structure

Folder / File nameDescription
FinderFolder contains all template source files.
Finder/componentsThis folder includes all React components one can use to build pages.
Finder/components/partialsPartials are specific type of components that reprsent the common parts of the page like: Navbar, Footer, Layout, etc.
Finder/pagesFolder contains all page files structured as subfolders that represent each demo, components and documentation: /car-finder, /city-guide, /job-board, /real-estate, /components, /docs
Finder/pages/apiThis is a specific folder created by Next.js by default. It's designed to hold all API endpoints. Read more here.
Finder/publicFolder contains static files like: images, fonts, favicon, json, etc. Next.js can serve static files under a folder called public in the root directory. Files inside public can then be referenced by your code starting from the base URL (/).
Finder/scssThis folder contains all project .sass (.scss) style files that are compiled and minified to .css on production build.
Finder/package.jsonFile contains meta data about your app. Most importantly, it includes the list of dependencies to install from npm when running npm install; scripts to rund the project in dev mode npm run dev or production build npm run build.
Finder/next.config.jsFor custom advanced configuration of Next.js, you can use a next.config.js file. Read more here.